Price: $400

State: Maryland
City: Darnestown
Zip code: 20878
Type: Animals

Dakota is a 14-year-old Patagonian conure. She is a very spunky bird that loves to talk and be VERY loud. She is not an old bird, as she can live well into her 50s with the right care. She?s very affectionate and will follow me around the house because she loves to be with people. She?s very rowdy but loves to cuddle and have down time with her person. She says ?woof?, ?hello?, and ?Dakota?. She also dances when you start singing. She?s currently trying to learn the ABCs. She is a highly intelligent bird that has a knack for unscrewing nuts and bolts.
I am not rehoming her to just anyone. My goal is to find her a home equal to or better than the one she has. Feel free to ask me any questions. Cage is not included in the fee (which is negotiable for the right person).